MDM Solution for Apple Devices for Vietnamese Businesses

Hợp Tác Chiến Lược Giữa Jamf Và SDI
Hợp Tác Chiến Lược Giữa Jamf Và SDI

On June 3, 2024, SDI company was honored to welcome a delegation from Jamf, one of the world’s leading providers of Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions for Apple devices. This event is not only an opportunity for the two sides to meet, but also an opportunity to share breakthrough products, and services, and discuss promising future cooperation projects.

Giải Pháp MDM Thiết Bị Apple Cho Doanh Nghiệp Việt

Advanced MDM Jamf Solution

At the meeting, Jamf presented in detail its advanced MDM solutions. With modern technology, Jamf helps businesses optimize the management and security of Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad, and MacBook. These solutions not only help with remote management but also ensure data security, improve work efficiency and save operating costs.

Jamf offers a variety of subscription plans to meet the diverse needs of organizations.

1. Jamf Pro:

Most popular plan with full Apple device management features. Include:

  • Configuration management Application deployment
  • Update Device Security software
  • Device monitoring Data analysis

2. Jamf Essentials:

Provides basic features for managing Apple devices. Include:

  • Configuration management
  • Deploy the application
  • Update Device Security software

3. Jamf School:

Designed for schools with features suitable for educational environments. Include:

  • Configuration management Application deployment
  • Update Device Security software
  • Device monitoring
  • Data analysis
  • Student management
  • Manage educational applications

4. Jamf Cloud:

Cloud version of Jamf Pro, allowing management of Apple devices from anywhere.

Additionally, Jamf offers additional packages for specific industries:

Jamf Healthcare: Medical device management, HIPAA compliance, patient data security.

Jamf Retail: Point of sale management, inventory management, customer data security.

Jamf is suitable for businesses such as:

  • Businesses use many Apple devices.
  • Businesses have high security needs.
  • Businesses want to automate management tasks.
  • Businesses want to improve employee productivity.

The very comprehensive MDM Jamf solution can be used for many different industries, including:

1. School:

  • Learning device management: Helps teachers and administrators easily manage iPad and MacBook devices used for learning purposes, ensuring safety and efficiency for students.
  • Protect student data: Protect personal and sensitive student data from cyber threats and unauthorized access.
  • Improve teaching effectiveness: Help teachers take full advantage of the features of Apple devices to create engaging lessons and interact with students more effectively.

2. Bank:

  • Ensure cyber security: Protect customers’ sensitive financial data from sophisticated cyber threats.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Helps financial institutions comply with strict data security regulations.
  • Mobile Device Management: Easily manage and secure iPhone and iPad devices used by bank employees.

3. Aviation industry:

  • Improve operational efficiency: Help cabin crew and ground staff work more efficiently with Apple devices.
  • Mobile Device Management: Easily manage and secure iPhone and iPad devices used by crew and ground staff.
  • Passenger data security: Protect passengers’ personal and sensitive data from cyber threats.

4. Filmmaking:

  • Protect creative content: Protect film projects and creative data from leaks or unauthorized access.
  • Mobile Device Management: Easily manage and secure iPhone and iPad devices used by film crew.
  • Collaborate effectively: Helps crew members collaborate more effectively with Apple devices.

Giải Pháp MDM Jamf Tiên Tiến

Strategic Cooperation Between Jamf and SDI

Buổi thảo luận cũng đặt nền móng cho một hợp tác chiến lược giữa Jamf và SDI, nhằm mang đến những giải pháp MDM tốt nhất cho các doanh nghiệp tại Việt Nam. With the combination of Jamf’s advanced technology and SDI’s understanding of the domestic market, the two sides are committed to bringing practical values, contributing to improving productivity and security for customers.

Promising Future Cooperation Project

Not only stopping at discussions, Jamf and SDI have planned promising cooperation projects in the future. These projects will focus on implementing comprehensive MDM solutions, supporting Vietnamese businesses in managing Apple devices more effectively and securely.

Committed to Providing Effective MDM Solutions

With this close cooperation, SDI and Jamf are committed to bringing Vietnamese customers the most effective MDM solutions. These solutions not only help improve productivity but also ensure data security, creating a modern and professional working environment.

Hợp Tác Chiến Lược Giữa Jamf Và SDI

Please contact us for more detailed information Jamf Apple Device Management. Mac, iPad, iPhone,  Apple TV MDM:

☎️ Phone number: 0822 222 594

📧 Email:

📍 Address:

  • 22 An Phu, An Phu, Thu Duc City, HCM City.
  • 1901 Saigon Trade Center, No. 37 Ton Duc Thang, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, HCM City.

SDI and Jamf look forward to serving and bringing breakthrough MDM solutions, helping your business reach further in the digital age.

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